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Who We Are

Revolutionizing the wide spectrum of the healthcare industry, Top Choice Health Care Consulting aims to mold professionals to serve our communities better. We are a trusted, experienced healthcare consultancy company in Philadelphia, PA, and have helped all areas of the healthcare industry with finance, business development and analysis, operations, legal assistance, and human resources.

We equip our staff with experienced and committed healthcare professionals, ensuring that the various sectors of the healthcare industry receive the best assistance in operations development, advanced solutions, and help aspiring professionals attain their licensure.

What Makes Us Unique?

We offer competitive rates that include low monthly payments, ongoing support after licensure, and training of new healthcare owners and staff. We prepare them for success!

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Our Mission

Top Choice Health Care Consulting aims to provide reliable, innovative solutions for the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. Through our wide array of healthcare consulting services, we can help prepare professionals for top-quality service.

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Our Vision

We gear towards the success of healthcare professionals to render excellent quality services in all healthcare industries. We envision Top Choice Health Care Consulting to be one of the leading healthcare consultancy companies our community can rely on.

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Top Choice Health Care Consulting is always ready to cater to your questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach us at any time of your convenience.

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Licensing of Non-Medical Home Care Agency and Home Health Agency

Our consultants will help you gain the right skills you need.

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Licensing of Non-Medical Transportation

We have extensive training sessions for your career.

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Licensing of Adult Day Care Center

Let us impart the skills and knowledge you need in the field.

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